Pacific Medical Law Attends Renowned Obstetrical Conference

Three members of the Pacific Medical Law Team attended the 36th Annual Obstetrics, Gynecology, Perinatal Medicine, Neonatology and the Law Conference organized by Dr. Aubrey Milunsky and Dr. Jeff Milunsky in January of this year.

The conference was designed for and offered presentations by, a diverse group of legal and health care specialists. Renowned experts in a number of different medical and legal fields presented on topics within their areas of expertise. Presentation topics included:

  • What are the different types of strokes in a newborn and what causes them?
  • What can genetic testing tell us about a child’s disability?
  • How long should the second stage (the “pushing” stage) of labor go and how has medical knowledge advanced in this area?
  • Should women be induced if they don’t go into labor by 39 weeks?
  • How safe is open surgery versus minimally invasive surgery versus surgery using robotics?
  • How safe is a natural delivery after a prior cesarean section?
  • How is gestational diabetes supposed to be managed?
  • What are the potential complications that should be considered when pregnant women present with abdominal pain, bleeding, or trauma?
  • How can physicians properly prevent, diagnose and treat infection during pregnancy or post-delivery?

The goals of the conference are to teach medical professionals to better understand how to avoid medical negligence and to teach legal professionals about the complex issues encountered in the practice of medicine. Presentations regarding different medical fields, issues, and advancements allowed our team to update our knowledge of the current state of medicine in these areas and what is expected of medical professionals encountering a range of scenarios.

At Pacific Medical Law we are committed to maintaining our knowledge in a range of medical specialties, including obstetrics, gynecology, and neonatology. We believe that understanding the most up-to-date medicine can help us obtain the best results for our clients in medical malpractice lawsuits.

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