“Employable Me” – Breaking Down the Barriers of Employability

The economic impact of COVID-19 is far reaching and will not be fully calculated for a number of years. Thousands of people have experienced job loss in Canada; however, individuals living with a physical or neurological disability have been disproportionally affected because of the pandemic. According to Statistics Canada, 36% of people living with a disability reported experiencing a temporary or permanent job loss or reduced hours since March 2020.[1] Comparatively, the national unemployment rate in March 2021 is 7.5%[2]. One of the biggest factors leading to the discrepancy in employment rates between disabled and non-disabled people is due to the stigma surrounding individuals living with cognitive and physical disabilities. The show “Employable Me,” which has recently been renewed for its fourth season, is a documentary series that focuses on job seekers living with a cognitive or physical disability and the challenges they face searching for employment.

Each episode tells the story of two individuals and their journey through finding employment. Season 4 focuses on 12 new people and highlights their strengths in their desired fields and showcases their unique approach to tackling challenges The trailer for the current season, which premiered on June 9, can be viewed here, and season 4 can be watched in its entirety here.

As seen from our previous blog, potential employees with disabilities represent an untapped market. People living with a disability may not fit with the traditional employee model; however, the drive to excel is always there. Further, studies have shown people living with a disability are more likely to stay at the same company as compared to their counterparts without a disability. For an employer, there is no downside to hiring someone who is willing to work hard and isn’t as likely to leave after being trained. With all these factors, now is the time for employers to consider alternative hiring practices which are open to all potential employees.

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