Bursary for Children Living with Cerebral Palsy

Pacific Medical Law has established a bursary fund in honor of Janna Epp, a beautiful, determined young girl with cerebral palsy, who faced challenges that few of us could imagine. Sadly, on October 11, 2012 Janna passed away.

In memory of Janna, Pacific Medical Law will donate $5,000 to a child living with cerebral palsy every year, to assist with that child’s care, therapy or recreation. The recipient of the bursary is selected by Janna’s mother.

Last year Pacific Medical Law provided the $5,000 bursary to a little girl named Leila. Leila is an extraordinary child with cerebral palsy who is amazingly strong and has a true zest for life. Leila works hard with her therapies and wanted the opportunity to try Feldenkrais therapy and therapeutic horseback riding to improve her muscle tone and decrease stiffness. She also wanted a Squiggles postural support system to keep her safe and comfortable when she is out exploring the world. Pacific Medical Law was pleased to support Leila and her mother, in this small way, to help Leila reach her full potential in life.

This year the bursary recipient will be selected on July 30, 2015. Applications are due July 15, 2015. For more information, please click; Janna Epp Bursary Application Form 2015, or go to https://www.pacificmedicallaw.ca/jannaeppbursary.shtml

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