2019 Janna Epp Bursary Recipient

We are pleased to introduce Kira – our 2019 bursary recipient.

Kira 2019 Jana Epp Bursary Recipient

Kira is a sweet, smart and funny little girl who lives a beautiful life of love and inclusion.  She has recently started school and when her parents pick her up from school, her smile beams and she is overflowing with excitement.

Kira’s parents are determined to do everything they can to keep Kira healthy and to optimize her potential.  They plan to use these bursary funds to assist them in providing stem cell therapy for Kira to help create new neural pathways and to retrain her brain and body.

We are hopeful that this therapy will make a meaningful difference in the quality of Kira’s life.   

We have had the privilege of reading the stories of many exceptionally devoted and committed parents who need assistance in providing the specialized care, support, therapy and equipment their child needs and deserves to reach their full potential in life.  Pacific Medical Law will continue to honor Janna’s memory, and support these families in the years to come, by providing this bursary to one family every year.   We recognize, however, that this is not enough.  This bursary, while very helpful to the annual recipient, is a small drop in the bucket for the CP community.  We will continue to do what we can to help families with children living with CP in any way we can.

Individually, we will help families who have questions about the management of their pregnancy, labour and delivery, or the circumstances of the birth of their child.  We will assist these families in obtaining answers from their treating nurse or physician, or expert opinions on why their child suffered their birth injury and whether it could have been avoided. We will do so free of charge.   If the injury could have been avoided with appropriate and safe medical care, we will work to obtain fair compensation for your child to ensure they have optimal care, support and therapy during their lifetime.

At a community level, we remain committed to supporting the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC.  As the President of the Board of the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC, I am working closely with the board and the staff on an ambitious plan to expand our services and supports for people living with CP throughout the province.

There is always more we can do.  If there is a way we can help your family, please call us – we are here to help.

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