12 Eye-Opening Statistics about having a Disability in Canada

The United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated annually on December 3. Last week George Stroumboulopoulos examined the barriers that persons with disabilities face in Canada every day. He identified 12 key facts and figures about having a disability in Canada. These 12 eye-opening statistics are:

  • 13.7 per cent of Canadians live with a disability
  • 1.4 million disabled adults need daily assistance
  • Disabilities aren’t always so obvious
  • There’s an education gap between persons with disabilities and persons who are able-bodied
  • There are significant wage gaps, too
  • More people with disabilities are underemployed
  • Many companies aren’t hiring people with disabilities
  • Bosses report being happy with disabled hires
  • Canadians recognize there’s a problem with inclusion
  • Nearly half of Canadians believe there is a hiring bias against disabled people
  • Many Canadians can’t read
  • Disabled students are eligible for special loans

For the full length of the article, videos and a list of sources, please click here

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