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When a doctor or other health professional has caused an injury by providing care that is not up to the accepted standards of the profession, the person who has been injured may be able to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit. To win a lawsuit, you must prove that not only did the doctor or nurse act in a way that is below the accepted standards, but also that the doctor's or nurse's error caused the injury (or death in wrongful death cases).

Proving medical malpractice is difficult. At Pacific Medical Law our lawyers have the experience and the resources to handle complex medical malpractice and birth injury cases for individuals and their families. We work hard to recover compensation for injuries and other expenses related to medical negligence.

There are several keys to success in any medical malpractice case. These keys include in-depth medical legal knowledge, significant resources, the ability to review and understand medical records and medical literature, thorough preparation and an experienced legal team.

Our lawyers bring those keys to every case we take on at Pacific Medical Law, along with careful listening, understanding and a passion for what is fair and right. With our firm, you can trust that your voice will be heard and that your story will be told with power, clarity and effectiveness.

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Our firm represents clients who have been impacted by various types of medical malpractice, including:

Learn more about the anatomy of a malpractice case and what you can expect when you speak with us at Pacific Medical Law. You need to understand your rights and how to obtain the benefits that you deserve.

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