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Cerebral Palsy Archives

Cerebral Palsy is all about Incredible Adaptability

Stephanie Hammerman is a case in point. She became the first certified CrossFit coach with cerebral palsy. In her interview with CNN, she said, "If you would have told me that in a year I would be lifting weights over my head, flipping tires and coaching this sport, I wouldn't have believed you, but this is my reality. As an adaptive athlete and coach, I see and do things differently than most, but that doesn't make my desire to be great any weaker. In CrossFit when the term "RX'd" is used it means an athlete has done something as prescribed. My weights and rep scheme may never be RX, but my effort always will be. If this last year has taught me anything, it's to embrace every challenge that comes your way because you never know when that challenge is going to turn into great opportunity".

Children with Cerebral Palsy Struggle to Access Medical Care in Northern Communities

Children with cerebral palsy and their families continue to face challenges accessing medical care and services in rural locations. Two families told their story to the Vancouver Sun. Both are in receipt of legal settlements as a result of the medical errors made around the time of their birth. Both families describe their frustration and struggles in accessing the medical care their children need in the northern hometowns.

Growing up with Cerebral Palsy: Planning Transition into Adulthood

For individuals living with cerebral palsy and their families, the transition from the pediatric care setting to adult care providers can be a stressful and challenging one. Dr. Oskoui, pediatric neurologist at Montreal Children's Hospital provides some practical advice to assist with this transition, focusing on preparing individuals for "living well" with chronic disability and optimizing their full potential, while also minimizing the emotional toll on parents during this difficult time of transition.

Supreme Court of Canada Win for Twelve-year old with Cerebral Palsy

On Friday, May 24, 2013, the Supreme Court of Canada delivered a judgment that is of interest to judges and lawyers across the country, and has special significance for one BC family.

Win for an injured infant at the Supreme Court of Canada

Paul McGivern and Susanne Raab were among the team winning the hard-fought battle at the Supreme Court of Canada for an infant with cerebral palsy injured as a result of a failed attempt at a forceps delivery - April 4, 2013 (Full decision available here)

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