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Stroke Archives

Medico-legal review suggests that physicians miss the signs of stroke

doctor-3.jpgA recent review of cases conducted by the Canadian Medical Protective Association, an organization that defends physicians in Canada, has found that most medical malpractice cases involving stroke had issues with the diagnosis. This means that sometimes doctors are missing the signs of stroke at initial presentation thereby depriving patients of necessary prompt treatment. In the cases reviewed, more than 25% of patients died and another 40% were left with a significant disability. 

Stroke Ambulances - The Future Standard in Stroke Care?

Canada's first trial of an advanced Stroke Ambulance in Edmonton could signal a new era of significantly improved standard of care of ambulance-level stroke care in this country. Equipped with a mobile CT scanner and an internet link to the on-call neurologist in the hospital, the new stroke ambulance has the potential to dramatically improve patient outcomes and could become the new standard of care of emergency ambulance response to a call where symptoms reported could be those of a stroke. Why are we so excited about Canada's first highly-specialized Stroke Ambulance and why do we believe that other health jurisdictions in the country should follow?

New Poll Reveals Misconceptions about Stroke among Canadians

A report released by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada suggests that Canadians have plenty of misconceptions about stroke, and what it takes to recover from one. The poll conducted by the HSFC found that half of all Canadians have a close family member or a friend who has had a stroke and that many of these people do not realize that it may take weeks or months to recover from one.

Electrical Brain Stimulation May Help People Speak Again After a Stroke

A new study suggests that electrical stimulation of the brain may help people recover their speech after a stroke. Up to one-third of stroke survivors have aphasia, a condition which impairs their ability to speak, read, write or understand language.

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