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Hospital Errors Archives

How Does Your Local Hospital Rate for Patient Care and Safety?

Hospitals Rated.jpgRate My Hospital, a project by the CBC's the fifth estate,investigated hospitals in Canada. Almost 240 acute-care hospitals across the country were graded, providing insight into how Canadian hospitals are performing. This is the first time this information is available to the public in Canada. 

Reports to Nova Scotia Medical Error Registry Increase in 2015

iStock_000045124042_Small 1 inch.jpgIn the second year of its operation, the Nova Scotia Medical Error Registry had recorded an increase in reported errors from 77 in 2014, to 128 in 2015, according to numbers released in the province's Serious Reportable Events database. That increase may not reflect an increase in errors, but rather a shift in practice, as the reporting of errors becomes part of the culture of improving health care. 

Hospital acquired infections - a new era in germ warfare

In our practice, we get a number of calls from people who have suffered injuries due to infections contracted during their hospital stay. Studies have shown that more than 220,000 Canadians develop infections during a hospital stay each year and, on average, these infections kill 22 patients each day - more than leukemia and breast cancer combined.

Hospital Shifts and Medical Mistakes

Without a doubt, the best way of dealing with hospital errors is to prevent them from happening in the first place. In a recent on-line Globe and Mail article, Attempt to shorten shifts for doctors causing unintended consequences, correspondent Lee Marshall identified a new potential source of medical errors. According to Ms. Marshall, this new problem grew out of the well-intended need to shorten the ridiculously long shifts that many hospital workers, principally medical residents, traditionally have had to tolerate. In a recent survey of their members conducted by The Canadian Association of Internes and Residents, it was reported that their members worked an average of 62.6 hours per week, and slept an average of 3.2 hours per day while on call. The worst case seems to be in the specialty in which one might expect a need for the greatest acuity, surgical residents, who reported working slightly more than 75 hours per week and an average of 20.2 consecutive in-house duty hours.

How Often do Hospitals Make Mistakes that Harm Patients?

We get a number of calls in our office from patients (or their family members) who have suffered injuries during their hospital admission which have caused them significant disabilities, or in some cases, death. How often does this occur and what causes these injuries? New reporting requirements in Ontario aim to shed light on this serious issue.

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