Infant & Child Injuries

Harm From Negligent Care in Pediatrics

When a pediatrician fails to see obvious signs of illness, pursues a wrong course of treatment or ignores symptoms that warrant further investigation, it can often result in greater injury to the child. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals may be held accountable for the injuries caused by their negligent errors.

The lawyers at Pacific Medical Law provide experienced representation for children who have suffered injuries through pediatric malpractice. We provide comprehensive legal assistance and personal attention to our clients who often have to deal with the additional physical, emotional and financial burdens of these injuries.

Vancouver Pediatric Injury Lawyers

Our firm has handled catastrophic pediatric injury cases, including spinal cord injuries and head injuries that have not been diagnosed or treated properly. These injuries often have lifelong consequences for patients, including difficulty with motor skills, feeding and other life skills.

We understand how to review cases of pediatric medical injuries to determine whether the mistakes were due to malpractice, to identify the full extent of the injuries and to recognize the consequences of the malpractice to the child. Our lawyers work with knowledgeable medical experts who can help us explain these complicated medical issues in court. We have recovered substantial judgments and settlements for our clients in previous cases of pediatric malpractice.

Malpractice Related to Pediatric Errors in British Columbia

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