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Pursuing Compensation for British Columbia Head Injuries

When a medical error or substandard medical care results in a significant brain injury, the patient may require years of extensive treatment and rehabilitation. Some brain injuries can last a lifetime and come with significant complications. The emotional, physical and financial burdens associated with brain injuries are challenging, especially since most brain injuries caused by malpractice are preventable.

At Pacific Medical Law, our lawyers have recovered settlements and judgments for our clients who have suffered brain injury as the result of medical malpractice. We use our medical knowledge to review potential claims, answer client questions and provide advice regarding whether or not pursuing a malpractice claim is in the best interests of our clients.

Our Dedicated Vancouver Brain Injury Lawyers

There are many types of medical errors that could ultimately result in head trauma and brain injury. An anaesthesiologist could fail to properly monitor a patient or could deliver a harmful dosage of a drug to a patient. The development of a blood clot or pulmonary embolism could result in oxygen deprivation and brain damage. A mistake during a surgical procedure could cause trauma to the skull or brain. A prescription error could cause a lasting brain injury.

We have seen many different types of brain injuries — including those with both short-term and long-term consequences — and are able to thoroughly investigate medical malpractice cases with our substantial experience and resources.

Preventable Errors That Cause Brain Injuries

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