$5.5 Million Settlement for Newborn Injured as a Result of a Medication Error

Linda A. Wong and Brenda Osmond successfully negotiated a settlement of $5,500,000 for a newborn baby who suffered a brain injury due to a medication error while in the neonatal care unit. As a result, the child requires extensive care, special equipment, including custom power wheelchairs and power lifts, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, handicapped accessible housing and transportation. Lawyers Susanne Raab and Natalia Ivolgina also assisted in this settlement. The injured infant will never work, walk or speak because of brain injury and severe mental disability.

The Public Guardian and Trustee in recommending approval of the settlement said:

"...a very substantial body of work, which was focused, intelligent and reflective of significant experience and talent on the part of Ms. Wong and other members of the Law Firm...an excellent settlement...this was high risk litigation and the results were far from predictable...in the medical malpractice field, (this) case was novel...involved highly complex and novel medical issues...(and) has been expertly handled...the settlement provides an excellent result for the infant and her family..."