Umbilical Cord Compression

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Many babies experience some periodic compression of the umbilical cord during labour and delivery. Commonly, a short duration of cord compression will not cause any problems. Unfortunately, when cord compression continues for a prolonged period of time, or when the umbilical cord wraps around the baby's neck or body, it can cause a prolonged or excessive reduction in blood flow and a decrease in oxygen to the baby's brain.

When this happens, there can be a number of consequences for the child. At Pacific Medical Law, our lawyers have experience handling birth injuries and other medical issues caused by malpractice. We have the resources critical to succeed, and our firm is exclusively devoted to litigating medical malpractice cases. We have obtained many judgments and settlements in excess of $1 million.

Umbilical Cord Compression During Labour or Delivery

The well-being of a baby during labour and delivery is typically monitored in order to track changes in the fetal heart rate in relation to the mother's contractions and other stressors during labour. Doctors and other delivery room personnel need to properly monitor the mother and baby during the birth and take the necessary steps to treat any problems that may arise.

Many hospitals use electronic fetal monitors on women in labour, even those with expected normal vaginal deliveries. The monitor will measure and record the fetal heart rate. Obstetricians and nurses are trained in how to interpret these recordings and how to recognize patterns of distress.

Injuries can be caused by a failure to correctly interpret warning signs or a delay in the notification of the doctor after the nurse becomes aware of a problem.

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