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Birth Injuries Caused by a Lack of Oxygen to the Brain

A hypoxic/ischemic injury refers to a brain injury in which brain cells are damaged as a result of a lack of oxygen (hypoxia) or reduced blood flow (ischemia). This type of injury can occur during childbirth. While hypoxic and ischemic injuries are relatively rare, when they happen, they can cause permanent brain damage and even death. Unfortunately, some of these injuries are caused when doctors and nurses make errors during labour or delivery; many of these injuries are preventable.

At Pacific Medical Law, we have extensive legal experience and provide professional service to families who have been impacted by hypoxia and other birth injuries as the result of malpractice. Our lawyers have a strong passion for what is fair and right. With our significant resources, along with painstaking analysis and incisive strategy, we work hard to build your case.

Causes of Hypoxic/Ischemic Injury

While the exact causes of hypoxic/ischemic injuries are often unclear in individual circumstances, many studies have cited uterine rupture, umbilical cord complications, blood pressure problems and placenta issues as causes. Following childbirth, symptoms of these injuries may include seizures and other signs of brain damage.

It is critical for obstetricians and other medical professionals in the delivery room to carefully monitor a baby before, during and after childbirth in order to promote the baby's health. When problems arise, these doctors and nurses should take appropriate steps to provide care. There are established protocols for monitoring the baby and labouring mother. Failure to follow these protocols may lead to brain injury.

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