How can we help a family with a child living with cerebral palsy?

Parents of children with cerebral palsy are often overwhelmed with the demands placed upon them, and can become emotionally, physically and financially drained. They also want answers - why did this happen to my child? Could it have been avoided?

By drawing on our experience and knowledge in the area of birth injuries, as well as on our well established working relationships with highly qualified and well regarded medical experts who are prepared to provide objective opinions to the court, we are able to provide answers to parents. Following our review of all of the medical information, we are able to give parents our advice on whether or not starting a lawsuit would be in the best interests of the child and their family.

While a financial settlement cannot change the challenges that a child with cerebral palsy will face throughout his or her life, it can ensure the child gets the therapy, care and support he or she will require to reach his or her full potential. Financial settlements also go a long way in easing the demands on the parents, so that the parents can spend less time juggling these demands and spend more time just being a parent.

A client of ours recently wrote to us following a settlement of her daughter's birth injury case. She wrote, "The stress level that we have been operating under has been a massive thing to be lifted off our shoulders and we both feel such a huge sense of relief."

If you believe we may be able to help you and your family, please call us so that we can discuss the unique circumstances of the birth of your child, and how this may have affected his or her development. Please call us for a free initial consultation at 1-877-848-9545.