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When a birth injury occurs the consequences are often devastating and life altering for both the infant and the rest of the family. The catastrophic events that led to these injuries can have multiple causes, but many are the result of preventable errors and negligence on the part of doctors, nurses and other delivery room personnel.

At Pacific Medical Law, we have extensive experience in litigating birth injury cases caused by medical malpractice. We also have access to leading experts in this field. These cases can involve extremely complex medical issues and become very technical.

You need a law firm that has the medical knowledge required to investigate and understand the nature of your child's injuries, and the advocacy and legal skills to present your case. At Pacific Medical Law we have the specialized medical knowledge and advocacy skills and the legal skills that you need.

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Types of Cerebral Palsy

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Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Was your child's Cerebral Palsy caused by medical negligence?

How can we help a family with a child living with cerebral palsy?

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